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Our goal is to help business owners understand all financial aspects of their business so they can: grow revenue, improve profit, generate sufficient cash flow, have great borrowing flexibility, grow value and retire in comfort.

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What Others Are Saying:

  • Mike Baker, Regional president, First Merchants Bank
    "We have encouraged many of our clients to attend Dan's seminars. They are easy to understand and we have seen great results from those who have attended."
  • Paul Lushin, CEO, Lushin & Associates
    "Dan's course challenged me to think outside the box and take a 40,000 view of my business. He makes the complex simple and easy to understand. It is a course that is foundational to understanding business growth and how to grow profitability and strengthen cash flow"
  • Joel Hall, CEO, Sign-a-Rama

    “A great course!  Dan brings practical application techniques that make financial understanding easy.  It is a very useful seminar for small business owners.  I would highly recommend it to new and experience business owners that want to grow their business.  Even MBA’s learn practical info in this course.”