About Jerry Weimer

Jerry works with small to mid-sized businesses, helping them improve operational and financial performance through CEO mentoring, team building, C-level employee development, hiring skills, conflict resolution, strategic planning, compensation plans and organizational structuring.

Connect with Jerry Weimer

Through Jerry Weimer’s executive coaching services, business owners/executives and leaders are able to:

  • Reduce conflict & turnover among employees
  • Strengthen teamwork
  • Inspire peak performance from their people
  • Improve productivity

Jerry Weimer specializes in:

  • CEO Mentoring
  • Organization Review and Analysis
  • Strategic Planning for Growth
  • Organizational Transition

Jerry has held a corporate position with Thomas Nelson Company in Nashville, where he led the $70 million acquisition of a large music and book publishing company.

On the senior management team for 5 years, Jerry then relocated and led the restructuring of the company. With the music side of the business suddenly attractive for purchase, the company sold that division for $100 million.

Jerry then served as Chief Operating Officer for a medium-sized, publicly traded intellectual property and product development company. In 18 months, Jerry restructured the management team and changed key personnel.

Over the next 10 years, company revenue grew from $30 million to $80 million by growing its market share, expanding its product offerings, and growing its international presence into four new global markets.