Business Owners Cash Flow Handbook



Cash flow, the money flowing through the business, is one of the hardest concepts to manage, control and change in a business because there are so many moving parts.


My goal in this FREE  e-book is to break down each one of the major areas of cash flow management into easy to understand terms.


Chapter 1:  Cash flow explained.

Chapter 2:  Cash flow in business.

Chapter 3:  Cash flow influencers.

Chapter 4:  Developing a cash flow early warning system for your business.

Chapter 5:  The most common causes of cash flow problems.

Chapter 6:  Benefits of a cash flow forecast.

All businesses will face some type of cash flow issues because they exist.  Cash flow issues can be caused due to: (1) growth, (2) no planning, (3) not understanding asset and/or liability management, (4) poor bank financing, (5) employee turnover, (6) change in sales mix, (7) industry changes, (8) competitor issues, (9) product age issues, (10) customer turn-over, and many more.  This book will give you deep insight into cash flow management.

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“Business Owners Cash Flow Handbook”

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Dan Lacy

The Business Growth Coach