“In six years we took a fledgling company from $2.5M to $31M, profit increased over $1M and we sold it for $15M”

~Stan Moser | CEO
“From the start, Dan Lacy was a key member of the executive committee that took over control of”…read more

“We are having one of the best years ever in the company”

~Bruce Agan | Owner – US Automatic Fire & Security
“The construction industry has been very bumpy these last few years and Dan has helped”…read more

“Dan challenged me to grow our business through acquisitions
and he helped me broker a deal that increased our business by 40%”

~Robert Watson | Auto Body Express

“Dan gave a presentation at a Truth at Work meeting and it resonated with me. We have an excellent business, great industry, and everything was running”…read more

“We have been working with Dan for over 2 years now and it has completely transformed our business.”

~Cori Brown | CEO – Franklin Window and Door
“It is like we have a CFO on board with the company. We meet monthly but we have”…read more

“Dan has been extremely helpful and a guiding light for me in many ways”

~Jake Stamper | Owner – Eclipse Marketing & Advertising
“One of my daily prayers is “Lord, show me what I cannot see and give me”…read more

“Our growth has vastly exceeded what I expected”

~Jake Stamper | Owner – Lanz HVAC & Plumbing
“Dan was the guest speaker and his session was on how to grow and”…read more

“Our company enjoyed crazy growth last year, and Dan helped us navigate it”

~Jason & Kendra Beutler | Owners – Edu-Source
“Dan came into our business early on. He helped me sleep at night, by giving us”…read more

“Before I started working with Dan, I felt like I was driving a car down the road at breakneck speed, and I couldn’t see out my windshield”

~Judy Nagengast | CEO – Continental Design & Engineering
“Managing a high growth company has its challenges, and one of those challenges is”…read more

“he understands what the bank is looking for”

~Jim Freeman | SVP & Commercial Banker

“Over the last seven years I’ve seen him go in with many companies and make a very dramatic, positive effect on”…read more

“he is an asset to the financial community.”

~Richard Peck, Jr. | CPA

“I work with Dan Lacy on a regular basis and find that he is uniquely gifted in helping”…read more

“Dan brings practical application techniques that make financial understanding easy.”

~Joe Hall | CEO
“A great course! Dan brings practical application techniques that make financial understanding easy.”…read more

“For a busy business person, getting the correct financing is not an easy task.”

~Jerry Cox | President
“He helped me determine my long range financing needs, developed a financing”…read more

“We have encouraged many of our clients to attend Dan’s seminars.”

~Mike Baker | Regional President, First Merchants Bank
“They are easy to understand and we have seen great results “…read more

“We went to the bank and financed 100% of everything I wanted.”

~Mark Hopkins | CEO

“I wanted to diversify my business by expanding into the manufacturing side.”…read more

“Dan’s course challenged me to think outside the box and take a 40,000 view of my business.”

~Paul Lushin | Owner

“He makes the complex simple and easy to understand.”…read more

“He knows how to talk to bankers, which I had no idea how to do.”

~Dave Stout | CEO

“You have to educate bankers. Dan did this for us. Those are the strongest qualities.”…read more

“Man of Integrity”

~Bill Gaither | Businessman, Singer, Song Writer, Multiple Grammy Award Winner

“I believe in the capabilities and integrity of Dan Lacy.”…read more

“Dan has been a T@W member for over 5 years. He has helped a number of our members break-through and grow revenue, profit and increase the value of their businesses.”

~Matt Peelen | Founder – Truth at Work, Indianapolis

“He has a good reputation of being consistent, transparent and providing sound business advice.”…read more

“Prior to working with Dan, we made all of our decisions based on gut instinct or ‘by the seat of our pants.'”

~Nick Stanley | CEO Water Solutions Unlimited

“I attended one of Dan’s seminars about guiding and managing business performance. I agreed with what he was saying, we were just not doing most”…read more

“Dan has helped us become a much better and stronger company.”

~Chris Straw | CEO Team Quality Services

“I attended one of Dan’s seminars about guiding and managing business performance. I agreed with what he was saying, we were just not doing most”…read more

“I met Dan at a Truth at Work seminar. Dan made the finance leg of our business easy to understand.”

~Rob Daly | CEO Qualtronics Columbus Indiana

“We hired him to help us stay focused, give us objective outside analysis, challenge our thinking and kick us in the butt when we needed it.”…read more