There are identifiable stages a business goes through in the growth cycle. What works for a $1M company doesn’t work for a $5M or $10M company. We grew a company from $3M to $30M in 6 years and experienced just about every example in this book.

The biggest awareness is with the founder/CEO of the company, their function changes dramatically as the business grows. This book will help you identify those changes and how to prepare for each step up the ladder of growth.

  • Stage One: 1-10 employees – One Man Show
  • Stage 2: 11-30 employees – Ramp Up
  • Stage 3: 31-50 employees – Delegation
  • Stage 4: 51-70 employees – People Crunch
  • Stage 5: 71 – 125 people – Professional
  • Stage 6: 125+ employees – Visionary

There are approximately 6 million businesses in the USA with employees, 76% of these businesses never make it over $1M in revenue because they don’t understand growth or want to grow.

17.7% make over $1M to $5M, 3% make it over $5M and 3% break $10M. Get the odds on your side. This short 26 page book will help you grow revenue and know what steps to take to get to the next level.