Growing a business is hard work.  We have created a short e-book that will give you the key elements we have found that most business owners miss when growing revenue.  Knowing these secrets will reduce stress and dramatically shorten the learning curve.

What we have included in this book:

  • What we can learn from a 3 legged stool. Sounds silly; but it creates a visual that works.
  • 3 easy steps on growth and goals
  • Uniqueness in people – how to tell the difference – this is powerful to hiring and growing the right people.
  • Key tips on marketing
  • How to structure the sales focus
  • How profit helps growth
  • Some keys on managing cash flow
  • Bonus section
    • Creating SMART goals
    • Four – Quadrant method of understanding people
    • Marketing Do’s and Don’ts
    • How to calculate a break-even point
    • What can negatively impact cash flow in the business