Have you ever experienced stress because you owned a vibrant, growing business?  Well you are not alone; almost all business owners go through degrees of stress just because they own a business.

In this book we cover the 7 areas that create the most stress for the business owner and clearly defined actions you can take to reduce the stress in your business.

  1. Cash flow issues and problems.
  2. Uncontrollable growth – growth is good but too much growth is as bad as not enough.
  3. Lack of a revenue growth strategy.
  4. Lack of financial knowledge – the balance sheet is more responsible for more stress that most business owners realize.
  5. Undefined organizational structure and lack of delegation will create all kinds of stress.
  6. Now defined Exit Strategy. 60% of business owners don’t have a plan to exit their business.  This creates a lot of stress when a person is ready to retire.  It takes about 3 years of intentional planning to create a good exit and get the money you want.
  7. The importance of exercise and sound sleep will have on business stress. Spending another 15 minutes at your desk isn’t as rewarding as a 15 minute walk to clear the head and get your juices going.  It will also extend your life.

We cover the above causes of stress in great deal and define ways to solve each of them.  Learn how by downloading this free book.

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