Dynasty Business Consulting Seminars

Over the last 5 years, scores of business owners have graduated from my ‘Profit Made Simple” seminar.  In this simple, easy to understand course you will gain the following financial knowledge to deal with your lenders, accountants, vendors and prospective investors or buyers.  Here is a sample of what you will get out of my course:

    • Is your accountant sabotaging your growth?
    • Completely understanding the profit and loss and balance sheet and how to use them to grow your business
    • Identifying your profit center influencers
    • Using your magic number as a decision tool
    • How to be a more effective leader
    • How to cut the emotion out of hiring decisions
    • Discovering the 7 cash flow drivers and improve cash flow
    • How profitability impacts cash flow
    • The difference between profit and cash flow
    • How growing businesses put huge strains on cash flow
    • How to develop a cash flow forecast and never run out of money
    • How to balance debt, profit and cash flow in your business
    • How to create a financing package lenders will fight over
    • Understanding how to make bank credit decision making work for you
    • What “not to do” when asking for money
    • 57 other financing sources you don’t know about
    • Why only 30% of selling business will get the money they want
    • Why you need an exit strategy about 3 years ahead of what you think
    • Understanding the $1,000,000 business formula
    • What you must do to be unfailing in a changing economy
    • Identifying your KPI’s (key performance indicators) that create consistent wealth
    • Create a “Profit Dashboard” that drives daily, weekly, monthly and annual profit

The workshop comes with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  If you don’t grow your profit 20%, improve your financial knowledge, dazzle your account with your knowledge and woe your banker with your financial astuteness, you will get a complete refund. For more information view the gallery below!

“A great course! Dan brings practical application techniques that make financial understanding easy. It is a very useful seminar for small business owners. I would highly recommend it to new and experience business owners that want to grow their business. Even MBA’s learn practical info in this course.”

Seminar Highlights

Cash, Dan Lacy

Understanding Banks, Dan Lacy

Be Unorthodox, Dan Lacy

Consulting, Dan Lacy