About Dan Lacy

Prophet of Profit – Millionaire Maker – Business Strategist – Financial Analyst – Strategic Planner – Author – CEO Sounding Board  – Cash Flow Doctor – Business Fixer – Speaker – Business Consultant Indiana

For the last 25 years Dan Lacy has worked with over 2,000 different businesses in 50 different industries on effective methods to consistently control performance and improve growth, profit, cash flow and value. Dan’s clients are the recipients of numerous prestigious awards: Entrepreneur Business of the Year, SBA Business of the Year, Impact 100, PACE, Growth 100 and INC. 500 Fastest Growing Companies.

Understanding Growth & Crisis Mode

He knows how it feels as a business owner to be in both the growth and crisis mode for he currently is or has ownership in a production company with 65 employees, a media company with 25 employees and a manufacturing company with 52 employees. He also sits on a number of boards and is on the  Presidents’ Advisory Board for Rainmakers Marketing Group in Carmel, Indiana; the fastest growing business to business networking association in the United States.

Profit Made Simple

Dan has mentored and coached hundreds of business owners in manufacturing, construction, service and wholesale industries. Scores of business owners have participated in his 18 hour “Profit Made Simple” workshop to enhance their financial knowledge and acumen. To date 21 clients have increased their personal net worth by at least $1,000,000. He does group and one-on-one business coaching. Dan’s clients are the recipients of numerous prestigious awards: Entrepreneur Business of the Year, SBA Business of the Year, Impact 100, PACE, Growth 100 and INC. 500 Fastest Growing Companies.


Armed with an undergraduate degree from Azusa Pacific University and a MBA from the Peter Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate School, Dan built the foundations for his career in finance from various business perspectives. As a bank lender, he helped scores of small businesses get the financing they needed to grow their business. Next, Dan ran a Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) responsible for business lending in a three-state region to businesses that were strong in collateral but weak in cash flow. At 32, he was a bank Vice President running a bank-owned venture capital fund, which provided financing for growth business, ideas and technologies.

Long Term Value

Today, Dan has written numerous books, speaks and continues to work with business owners to help them achieve long-term profitability to improve business growth, value and personal net worth.

Dan focuses on helping business owners with:

    • Identifying their profit paradigm
    • Punching up Profitability
    • Controlling & Improving Cash Flow
    • Preparing Financial Exit Strategies
    • Refinancing/restructuring business debt
    • Objective evaluation and feed back
    • Developing systems and tactics to enhance overall business performance

For the last 25 years, it has been an amazing ride, Dan has worked with hundreds of business owners; helping them improve profit, get needed financing, improve cash flow, raise equity, evaluate mergers, facilitate acquisitions and get businesses ready to sell. Along the way there have been tremendous successes:

    1. a staffing company growing from $3M to $31M and profit increasing 30X, 
    2. a wholesale distributor saw revenue grow from $8M to $20M and profitability increasing 25X, 
    3. a manufacturing company with moderate growth in revenue but cash flow increasing 50% every year for 4 years, 
    4. a fireworks manufacturer obtaining $500,000 in new plant financing, 
    5. a record company growing from $3M to over $30M, profitability breaking $1M and being sold for 15X earnings, 
    6. a contractor doubling revenue and quadrupling profit in 3 years, 
    7. a service company increasing their line of credit 10 fold and decreased borrowing costs by 3%, 
    8. a manufacturing company increasing revenue 12% and profitability 54% in 12 months, 
    9. a service company lowered borrowing costs $40,000 a year by improving financial performance and 
    10. a manufacturing company saving $65,000 a year in borrowing costs by just improving cash flow.  


Past Experience

Executive Vice President – Gaither Management Group, Alexandria, Indiana.  Responsible for business strategic planning, business acquisition and growth for 12 diverse operating companies  with revenue over $40M which were owned by the nationally recognized multi-platinum Christian singers, songwriters and authors Bill and Gloria Gaither (Gaither Vocal Band, Bill Gaither Trio, & Homecoming Video Series).

CFO, Executive Management Team & Board Member Star Song Communications, Nashville, Tennessee.  Company grew from $2.5M to $30M in six years.  It was the fastest growing Christian media company in the music industry and was acquired by SONY BMG Music Entertainment.

Vice President – Washington Trust Equity Corporation.  A bank owned venture capital fund founded to make equity investments in growing business in Washington State.  Vice President – Washington Capital Corporation an asset based lender making long term SBA guaranteed loans to struggling businesses in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.  Commercial business loan officer at United California Bank, Los Angeles California.


Masters Degree in Finance from the Peter Drucker Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, California.  Received a BA degree from Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, California.


  • Cracking the Financial Code
  • Double Your Profits in 6 Months or Less
  • Bullet Proofing Your Borrowing Ability
  • Cash Flow Secrets Revealed
  • Wrote the trade publication article “Ask the Cash Flow Doctor”