Joe Johnson’s company is doing well from all outside appearances: revenue is growing, more employees are being added to the payroll, trade magazines are featuring them as the “example” company and their market is growing.  The only problem, Joe is struggling with cash flow.

This is a problem nearly every business will face several times during their existence.  Joe’s cash flow problems are not unique; but they can be identified early and managed; if you are watching for the KPI’s that impact cash flow.

Solving business cash flow problems can be attained with a little knowledge.  That is why I have written the book “Business Owners Cash Flow Handbook”.  There are six easy to understand chapters that will give you tremendous knowledge about cash flow; the good, bad and ugly.

  • Chapter One – Cash Flow Explained.

    • Defining the two kinds of cash flow.
    • What activities create positive cash flow.
    • What activities create negative cash flow.
  • Chapter Two – Cash flow in the business

    • How it actually flows through the business, what builds it up and what tears it down.
  • Chapter Three – Influences on Cash Flow in the Business

    • How revenue growth can impact cash flow
    • How asset management can impact cash flow
    • How profit can impact cash flow
  • Chapter Four – Cash Flow Risk Early Warning Signals

    • Two common easy to establish processes
    • How to create each of them
  • Chapter Five – The Most Common Causes of Cash Flow Problems

    • 10 of the most common problems defined and expanded upon and how to not get caught up in any of them.
  • Chapter Six – The Cash Flow Forecast

    • Defining the key ingredients in creating a cash flow forecast
    • Step by step how do create one for your company.