Business Management

Business Performance Audit

Clients receive an evaluation of the last 3 years business performance and key financial trends for revenue, margins, expenses, profit and key balance sheet relationships. Secondly we will compare current performance with industry averages to see how the company is performing compare to its peers. Then Dan will have an in depth meeting with management and to discuss our findings, recommend courses of action to get the company back on track and making the money it should be making. Learn More

Business Growth Blue Print

Clients receive all of those processes defined in the Business Performance Audit defined above and then work with management to develop a Business Growth Blue Print to move the company forward. Dan will work with management to develop a road map that will bring revenue, profit, debt structure and cash flow in line to make the company grow. Management will have a detailed monthly plan defining the key performance indicators that will get to the performance levels that management/shareholders require. Plus Dan will work at determining what activities have to be done on a consistent basis to drive revenue to the levels required in the plan. Learn More

Build A Dynasty

Clients receive all of the processes defined in the Business Performance Audit and the Business Growth Blue Print above, plus, Dan will meet with management for ½ a day each month. The purpose of the monthly meetings is to evaluate and guide performance and make use of opportunities as the company moves forward. In business there is one thing that is always certain – change. Dan will help management brain storming solutions to problems, provide a sounding board for change and be on call to assist the company in whatever activities they need to achieve for the purpose of attaining their pre-defined financial goals. Dan will also maintain a “TO DO” list from each management meetings that will be transcribed and sent to all the members of the team a few days after our monthly meetings. Dan wants to identify and attack opportunities and see problems solved quickly. Learn More