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Providing seminars to help you effectively deal with your lenders, accountants, vendors and prospective investors or buyers.

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Utilizing our past success and knowledge to begin building your Dynasty. Offering you solutions to fit your business.

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Helping you fulfill your potential and grow your business. Showing you how to inspire peak performance from your people.

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Providing you with knowledge and powerful tools to grow your business. Checkout our selection of books, videos and DVD series.

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What Others are Saying

  • Bill Gaither, Businessman, Singer, Song Writer, Multiple Grammy Award Winner
    “I believe in the capabilities and integrity of Dan Lacy.  He was responsible for the growth, acquisitions, planning, and general financial stability of all my businesses.  He was an asset to my organization.”
  • Judy Nagengast, CEO, Continental Design & Engineering Company, Inc
    “We’re a high growth company.  We’ve grown an average of at least 30% a year for the past ten years.  Managing a high growth company has its challenges, and one of those challenges is financial.  Before I started working with Dan, I felt like I was driving a car down the road at breakneck speed, and I couldn’t see out my windshield. “Working with Dan has allowed me to see out the windshield.  I have a map, an idea of where I’m going, and whether or not I’m getting where I want to go.  I have not had a problem getting money when I needed it ever since I have had Dan. And we’ve grown—I mean our credit lines have grown 10 times. “If you have the right data, you can probably figure out the thing to do.  It’s when you don’t have all the data that you make mistakes.  And that’s what Dan does.  He gives you the data you need to make good business decisions.”
  • Jerry Cox, President, J&A Excavation
    “For a busy business person, getting the correct financing is not an easy task.  I contacted Dan Lacy.  He helped me determine my long range financing needs, developed a financing strategy, put together a business plan, and got me the money we needed.”
  • Mark Hopkins, CEO, Pyrotechnic Productions
    “I wanted to diversify my business by expanding into the manufacturing side.  Dan guided me through the planning process to determine our cash requirements for site improvements, facilities, inventory, and working capital.  We went to the bank and financed 100% of everything I wanted.”
  • Dave Stout, CEO Air Master Heating and Cooling, Inc.
    “He knows how to talk to bankers, which I had no idea how to do.  You have to educate bankers.  Dan did this for us.  Those are the strongest qualities.  He doesn’t waste your time. He gets down to the point. He speaks in a language that you can understand, and your banker understands, too.”
  • Richard Peck, Jr., CPA, Stewart Peck and Hueston, CPA’s
    “I work with Dan Lacy on a regular basis and find that he is uniquely gifted in helping company’s focus on and achieve financial performance levels never achieved before.   As an accounting professional, he is an asset to the financial community.”
  • Jim Freeman, National City Bank
    “Over the last seven years I’ve seen him go in with many companies and make a very dramatic, positive effect on those operations.  First of all, I think Dan’s banking background affords him the opportunity of communicating with fellow bankers or other bankers in a way that is rapidly and easily understood as it relates to one of his clients.  Secondly, he understands what the bank is looking for.  Consequently, the financial proforma’s he puts together addresses those concerns and needs, consequently saving a lot of time for all.
  • Joel Hall, CEO, Sign-a-Rama

    “A great course!  Dan brings practical application techniques that make financial understanding easy.  It is a very useful seminar for small business owners.  I would highly recommend it to new and experience business owners that want to grow their business.  Even MBA’s learn practical info in this course.”

  • Paul Lushin, CEO, Lushin & Associates
    "Dan's course challenged me to think outside the box and take a 40,000 view of my business. He makes the complex simple and easy to understand. It is a course that is foundational to understanding business growth and how to grow profitability and strengthen cash flow"
  • Mike Baker, Regional president, First Merchants Bank
    "We have encouraged many of our clients to attend Dan's seminars. They are easy to understand and we have seen great results from those who have attended."

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