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  • I’m Giving It AWAY -   Examples I’m going to cover are how to: Make more money Hold your key employees more accountable Pay yourself more Maximize your balance sheet’s strength Create synergy between the three core business functions for growth and cash flow Figure your magic number and greatly enhance profit Have less stress and more enjoyment in ownership […]
  • Leading from the Rear - Why leaders need to take a step back   “Leading from the front” is a platitudinous axiom too often echoed when asked to describe the characteristics of a good leader.  Leadership dogma often conflates someone who is “leading from the front” with an individual who is willing to “taking charge” or “set the example”. Leaders […]
  • Now What? - The Trump years were very good for most business owners (and most investors). We will see many changes in 2021 which are going to impact the next 12 – 48 months, some for the better and some for the worse. We are in a V recovery and we should see a decent 2021 (last ½) […]
  • Cracking the Code - Click here to read the introduction and index. Click here to buy the book. 
  • Remote Work Is Here to Stay. Bosses Better Adjust. -   It was mid-June, three months after the Covid-19 crisis had forced the top executives in a fast-growing tech startup to leave their offices and work from home. Executives had believed this “work from home thing” would last a few weeks, one of the company’s vice presidents told me, so they treated it like a […]