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  • Business Owners Cash Flow Handbook-     Cash flow, the money flowing through the business, is one of the hardest concepts to manage, control and change in a business because there are so many moving parts.   My goal in this FREE  e-book is to break down each one of the major areas of cash flow management into easy to understand […]
  • Stress and Business-     Have you ever experienced stress because you owned a vibrant, growing business?  Well, you are not alone.  Almost all business owners go through degrees of stress just because they own a business. In this FREE  e-book we cover the 7 areas that create the most stress for the business owner and clearly define […]
  • Six Stages of Business Growth- There are identifiable stages a business goes through in the growth cycle.  What works for a $1M company doesn’t work for a $5M or a $10M company.   We grew a company from $3M to $30M in 6 years and experienced just about every stage problem in this book.  The biggest challenge will be for […]
  • The 7 Core Elements to a Rock-Solid Business- Growing a business is hard work.  We have created a short FREE e-book that will give you some quick, helpful tools that will help you grow a rock-solid business.  Knowing how to use these tools will reduce stress and dramatically help you build a strong business. What is included in this book: What we can […]
  • Problems That Hinder Profit Growth- This is the twelfth and final article on “profitability”—a guide to help understand and develop the true significance of its impact on a business: revenue growth, peace of mind and freedom to do about whatever you want to do.   Congratulations!  You have made it through all 11 articles about profitability.  There is just one […]