Six Stages of Business Growth

 Six Stages of Business Growth

Growing a business is one of the hardest jobs there is in the USA!  FACT: There are roughly 6 million businesses in the US with employees, 74% of these are under $1M in revenue.  17% are between $1M and $5M, 6% break-through $5M (94% don’t).  If you are looking to break-out and grow revenue; I’ve written a book that might help you walk through the mind-fields of growth, it’s called the SIX STAGES OF GROWTH.  We define the challenges in each stage and what to do to get to the next stage.  Click on the book to download the complete booklet – FREE.  

Stage 1 – The One Man Show.   (1-10 employees)

Stage 2 – The Ramp Up (11-30 employees)

Stage 3 – Delegation (31-50 employees)

Stage 4 – People Crunch (51-70 employees)

Stage 5 – professional (71-125 employees)

Stage 6 – Visionary (125+ employees)

Revenue growth is exciting and very rewarding.  Profitability can dramatically increase when revenue grows, increasing the value of the business, the cash flow it generates and the money that can be set aside by the owners.  One of my clients invested $400k in a business doing not quite $3M a year and 7 years later was given a check for $5.5M for his 1/3 ownership.  Another it took 15 years; but this client grew from $3M to $15M and sold for $4.7M.

Knowledge is powerful, I have 30 years invested in the research into this book.  That might be helpful in your quest.

Dan Lacy

The Prophet of Profit