The 7 Core Elements to a Rock-Solid Business

Growing a business is hard work.  We have created a short FREE e-book that will give you some quick, helpful tools that will help you grow a rock-solid business.  Knowing how to use these tools will reduce stress and dramatically help you build a strong business.

What is included in this book:

  • What we can learn from a 3 legged stool.  Sounds silly; but it creates a visual that works.
  • 3 easy steps to set great goals that anyone can use.
  • Uniqueness in people – how to tell the difference.  This is powerful in order to hire and grow the right people.
  • Key tips on marketing.
  • How to structure the sales focus.
  • How profit helps growth.
  • Some keys on managing cash flow.
  • Bonus section
    • Creating SMART goals
    • Four-Quadrant method of understanding people
    • Marketing Do’s and Don’ts
    • How to calculate a break-even point
    • A number of causes of negatively cash flow

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“The 7 Core Elements to a Rock-Solid Business”

Have a great week.

Dan Lacy

The Business Growth Coach